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      China Motorcycle Chains, Motorcycle Racing Chains, Motorcycle Roller Chains Supplier - Solat Motorcycle Parts Co,. Ltd

      Motorcycle Racing Chains and Driving Chains from China

      We are professional Motorcycle Chains manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in China (CN). We are special manufactures of industrial chains and motorcycle chains manufactures. has strong technical forces and high capacity in developing new products .

      It obtained ISO9001 Certificate of Quality Assurance System. Products completely conform to the international standard (ISO) and other advanced industrial standard(ANSI,BS,DIN ,JIS).

      main products as the following:

      1.Motorcycle Chains:
      25H (04CH), 415, 415H, 420, 420H, 428, 428H, 520, 520H, 530, 530H, 05MA, 05MB, 05MC, 06MC
      2. O-Ring Motorcycle chains: 428SO,520SO,525SO,530SO
      3. Roller chains: A series and B series
      4. Silent chains: SC3,SC4,SC5,SC6,SC8,SC10
      5. PIV chains: A0,A1,A3,A4,A5,A6
      6. O-ring chains and xw-chains: 420,428,520,525,530,630 (Racing Chains)
      7. Leaf chains: LH series
      8. Double pitch conveyor chains with attachments: 2040,2050,2060,2080
      9. Nickel-plated chains: 25NP,35NP,41NP,40NP,50NP
      10. Coupling chains

      We are also exporting to Europe, Indonesia, Brasil, Africa all kinds of motorcycle chains.

      Motorcycle Racing Chains

      Motorcycle Racing Chains

      Model: Racing Chains

      Motorcycle Timing Chains

      Motorcycle Timing Chains

      Model: Timing Chains

      Motorcycle Driving Chains

      Motorcycle Chains

      Model: Driving Chains

      Motorcycle O Ring Racing Chains

      O Ring Motorcycle Chains

      Model: O-Ring Motorcycle Chains

      Motorcycle Roller Chains

      Motorcycle Roller Chains

      Model: Roller Chains

      Motorcycle X Ring Racing Chains

      X Ring Motorcycle Chains

      Model: X-Ring Motorcycle Chains

      Motorcycle Chains Introduce:

      Motorcycle roller chain
      Model: 25H(04CH),415,415H,420,420H,

      "O" ring roller chain:
      The service life of chains is greatly dependent on the wearing between the pin-shaft and the sleeve,The 'O' ring will greatly reduce the wearing and thus prolong the service life by 5 times. it especially suitable for the adverse environments such as the one bearing water,mud or dust.it is most suitable for high-speed running. our company can meet the demand of your different requests qualities and prices.

      420*100L Standard Motorcycle Roller Chains 420 x 110L with Special Treatment
      Key Specifications/Special Features:
      All parts of 420 roller chains are by special surface treatment
      On the tailor-made special lube, the chains are much more wearable
      The pins are cutted by high-speed pin cutting machines
      With specialty, high-strength, strong impact-resistant
      With highly using dependability
      Casting parts, whole tempering
      Heat treatment, surface hardening

      428*100L Standard
      Motorcycle Roller Chains 428H x 1
      Key Specifications/Special Features:
      All parts of 428 roller chains are processed by strictly manufacture technology
      In the tailor-made special lube, the chains are much more wearable
      With specialty, high strength, strong impact-resistant
      With high using dependability Casting parts, whole tempering
      Heat treatment, surface hardening

      More Motorcycle Chains & Sprockets Including: Motorcycle Front Sprockets, Motorcycle Rear Sprockets, Motorcycle Aluminum Sprockets and Motorcycle Roller Chains...

      We provide you with high quality Motorcycle Chains and excellent buy services,enquires from global wholesalers,distributors,buyers,agents and motorcycle chains OEM & ODM are welcome.

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